Dream Abilities

Passionate, Fun, Creative, Inspiring and Knowledgably!

 The meaning of Dream Abilities!

A lucid dream where the dreamer is aware of dreaming and may be able to control the dream.

My business is believing in dreaming of your dream destinations and taking control of what you dream about, where you wish to go and following your dreams because after all you have the ability do so and you have the world at your wheels!

I have always been passionate about travel and writing and the both combined I find great fun writing about fascinating places around the world. I have always believed the world is full of an amazing places, why stay in one place!

How I came up with Dream Abilities!

Ever since I was sixteen years old I have wanted to run my own business reviewing hotels for the disabled. I  believed there was a space in the travel  market to review hotels from a disabled point of view as  I  would get frustrated when I went on holiday. I would book a room that stated on the website as wheelchair friendly to only get there to find the doors wasn’t wide enough for my manual chair, that in the bathroom there was a bath with a rail and not a walk in shower. Its those little things that an able bodied person would not think about. But when you have a disability those little things are big issues when your on holiday. So I decided to set up my own business reviewing hotels for the  disabled to improve the industry, help business owners and have somewhere people can come and read reviews of the facilities that the hotels and cruise liners have to offer, so you book with confidence.

Little Bit About Me!

I have a qualification in Extended Diploma of Travel and Tourism Level 3 and have travelled around the Mediterranean, Caribbean and parts of the USA.

Looking forward to hearing from you and sharing my travel adventures with you

Laura May Adams