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My Top Tips for taking your wheelchair aboard!

Are you ever nervous taking your wheelchair abroad? Then here are my top tips

 1)  Always take a picture of your chair from all angles on your phone or camera, so you can show them what it looks like if they can’t find it or if there is anything broken you have proof it wasn’t like that before. Do the same with your luggage.

2) Get it serviced before you go away to make sure it’s in good condition.

3) Always take the cushion or any equipment that could get lost with you on the flight.

4) Put a strap round your chair when folded to avoid any breakage

5) Always gate check it! This is the ID strip that goes around the leg and arm of the chair and shows where your chair is flying too. This is done at the check in with your luggage or special assistance desk. If they haven’t gave you one, tell them.

6) If it is lost or damage you need to go to the Lost and Found Desk, where people go when there luggage hasn’t arrived and fill out the Property Irregularity Report ( P.I.R Form) and  send a copy of this form to the airline as soon as possible. Also they should give you a temporary wheelchair and  you are entitled to keep the wheelchair until your wheelchair has been found or fixed.


Laura May Adams

Dream Abilities

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