Weatherspoons The Mobile App- Providing Social Independence for Disabled People



Technology is growing and so is the options of what you can have available on your mobile phone to improve your independence and make life that little bit easier for you – Its Independence at your Fingertips!

I was recently out with my friends at my local Weatherspoon’s and they showed me they had a mobile application where you can order your food and drinks through it and a member staff delivers your order to your table. I downloaded it, put my card details into it, selected the Weatherspoon’s location I was at and then decided what I wanted to order with the table number we were sat at.

It was that easy I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought about looking for the app before as I didn’t have to leave the table, struggle getting past people to get to the bar, try and get a staff members attention ,then carry the drink back to the table. It got me thinking how many people it could benefit knowing there’s mobile applications that can make going out with family and friends more easier and enjoyable by one simple click!

How to Download the Weatherspoons App!

Step 1

Go into the App Store on your mobile phone and enter Weatherspoons in the search bar and press install.

Step 2

Wait till it has installed and then open the app and enter your details  such as name, email address, date of birth and payment details. It is fully secure to enter your payment details onto but if you don’t feel comfortable you can tap on PayPal as an option of payment.

Step 3

Make sure all your details are correct, turn on your location setting on your phone then select from the list of Weatherspoons pubs you are in and then order what you wish and what table number you are on and that’s it! All you have to do then is wait for your order to come to your table.

I love how technology is helping people with their daily life’s and I belive with things becoming more advanced in the technology world it will better the lives of disabled people, not just for independence but for a better quality of life so you don’t feel excluded from everyone and everything else. One app on a mobile phone can help you in such a small but big way when out socializing with family and friends, imagine the endless solutions there could be to help you in a small but big way . There  are so many more mobile applications  assisting you in other areas of your life, so research what applications there are out there to help you live the best life you can live as I have always said just because your disabled doesn’t mean you can’t do it and never let your disability stop you from doing what you love !

You Only Live Once! Live it!

Check back soon as I am investigating and reporting what is lying around in the market for people with disabilities about the pros and cons of the product and how overall it will your needs! I look forward to seeing what I find out and writing about my investigation. Plus if you know about an app or use something you couldn’t live without I would love to hear from you!

Thank you Weatherspoons for the mobile app!

Laura May Adams

Dream Abilities